Armour of the Gods

Session 3

The Ziggurat

Cast: Astrid, Friedrich, Griffund, Grugor, Stepper, Wulfgang.

The party awakes to the sound of a loud horn outside. As they venture towards the portcullis , they look out to see Friedrich and a human ranger hurrying towards them as they are pursued by a band of hostile goblinoids – among their numbers are four goblins atop feral, rat-like mounts, along with the same number of goblin footmen and a pair of heavily-armed hobgoblins.

Though Astrid wishes to use the tactically-strong position to make a stand against the enemy, she is out-voted and the two newcomers are quickly ushered beneath the partially-open portcullis and inside the tunnel, firing a couple of arrows which find their mark on one of the goblin riders. Seeing that their quarry has now made it to the safety of the ziggurat, the goblinoids call of their hunt and withdraw to the forest, leaving the party to the dark, quiet tunnels.

Gathering their forces and moving forward, the party venture further through the tunnels and soon encounter a pair of Ghoul Wolves, which stand guard on either side of an iron-bound, heavy wooden door which has swollen into the surrounding stonework. Though Griffund is badly mauled into unconsciousness, the party work together to overcome the wolves and five others in the adjoining chambers before the are is cleared of the undead wolves.

Then party then breaks through the swollen door and into the adjoining room with a large stairwell shaft in the centre, where they are ambushed by a crudely-fashioned itching powder trap and a group of ratfolk on the same floor and the mezzanine above, who fire a barrage of arrows into anyone who passes through the door.

Grugor casts Obscuring Mist to protect them against the enemy’s bolts, though is soon rewarded for his efforts by being struck by a bladder containing a foul-smelling concoction and a bullet which cases him to be blinded and sickened for a round.

Astrid leads the charge along the left side and draws the fire of the enemy upon her and is able to deflect many of the bolts with her superior armour and shield, though she is ambushed by a larger, more threatening wererat, who attempts to attack her with shortsword and infect her with his bite.

On the other side of the pit, Griffund turns invisible and makes his way up one of the ladders to the mezzanine floor to dispatch the enemies upstairs, while Wulfgang swings through the enemies on the right, including more of the ratfolk and another wererat.

Eventually, the party cut and shoot their way through the enemy before deciding to venture down the shaft and investigate. What they find is an atrium with four doors from the central area and a large, black stone obelisk with a hollow centre.

They soon find that this appears to be some kind of intricate mechanism linked to an electric barrier across each of the doors by activating the mechanism and suffering the effects of the electricity.

Deciding that this is a job for another day, the party venture back upstairs and into one of the guard chambers and rest.

Friedrich reaches Level 2.



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