Countess Elyssa T'al Vere


Elyssa is a very striking and capable woman in her late forties, with a natural presence, a lithe figure and slick, oiled fine raven black hair to her waist. She is usually draped in the finery of her house and carries with her an air of confidence and authority.


Countess Elyssa T’al Vere is the current co-ruler of the city of Aspodell and the surrounding region. She is a cousin of the late King Magnus IV and in the line of succession for the throne, though is currently embroiled in a family fued with her cousins for the right to succeed the late king.

She has, thus far, demonstrated capable use of high level spells including; Wall of Force and Teleportation Circle, as well as access to significant resources and an impressive awareness of her surroundings.

First Appearance: Session 1.

Countess Elyssa T'al Vere

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