Athris Thrane


Athris is a capable, tall, athletic-looking man in his late twenties with tanned skin and dirty blonde hair and an appearance that shows that everything about him even down to his well-worn leather boots is just as it should be. His weapons are well-maintained, his armour is worn but practical. His cloak is warm and comfortable, yet swift and silent at the same time.

Though he usually says any more than is necessary, he carries a pair of finely-crafted ivory handled short swords and looks as though he is not afraid to use them – usually preferring to cross blades than words when push comes to shove.


Athris Thrane is a woodsman in the employ of Countess Elyssa T’al Vere.

He was first introduced to the party when he arrived at their headquarters at the Aspodell Merchant Company and invited them to a secret meeting with his patron in the forest outside of the city.

First Appearance: Session 1.

Athris Thrane

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