Unknown Elf


This feisty female Elf has long, dark hair and lightly-coloured features, with determined eyes and an athletic figure. Like many elves, it is apparent that she spends much time in the woods and is clearly self-sufficient and resourceful.

She wears a heavy camouflaged cloak, her armour is well-maintained leather and chain and she carries a longbow of Elven origin and also keeps finely-crafted blades including a longsword and kukri.


This elven ranger first made an appearance in Session 2 in the forest between the waterfall and the ziggurat, travelling with two male human clerics and another unknown warrior.

From what the party observed, her band of four had been ambushed by native fungal lizardfolk warriors and one of them had been killed in the ensuing conflict. Though the party intervened and successfully eliminated the lizardfolk, the elf and her two remaining companions were unaware of what had taken place and returned to a tense stand-off with the party.

They quickly departed on unresolved terms.

First Appearance: Session 2.

Unknown Elf

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