This is a tabletop campaign played on the Gold Coast, Australia.

For the past two centuries, the Kingdom of Elysium has prospered under the unnaturally long reign of King Magnus The Great – the first and last of his name. A powerful monarch who built and formidable economy and kept the various dissident factions in check through his iron will, but whose reckless cavorting also sired a swarm of illegitimate offspring throughout the four corners of the realm.

Now, the old king has died and failed to anoint a successor. In his wake, the High Council is in turmoil; the royal army has dissolved; and the long line of bastards and leaders of the various factions now vie for control as they struggle with each other to compete for the throne.

Yet, amidst the anarchy and turmoil, a glimmer of hope prevails. A new light has been shed upon an ancient artifact of such immense power that it was disassembled and hidden throughout the land to lay dormant for a millennium. An artifact of such terrible power that, in the hands of one of the royal bloodline, would bestow upon its wielder the power of the gods and allow them to rise above their rivals to seize the throne.

As agents of one such faction, the party must race against their rivals to uncover the armour before it is too late.