Armour of the Gods

Session 2

Deep in the Forest

Cast: Astrid, Griffund, Grugor, Len, Wulfgang.

With the bats finally defeated, the party regroup and venture into the cave. Wulfgang trudges through the writhing pile of bat guano to uncover the remains of two adventurers who had previously met their fates with the bats. Eventually, the party cleanse at the base of the waterfall and continue West.

Whilst passing through the forest, the party encounters a skirmish between a small band of travellers and some native, fungal-infected lizardfolk, following an ambush by the lizardfolk on the group and the subsequent death of one of the rival party members. What ensues is melee with the lizardfolk warriors, followed by a tense stand-off between the two parties as they attempt to unravel the events which had unfolded.

The party enters an area of swampland and has more brushes with the fungal lizardfolk, avoids an ugly encounter with a swarm of dire cockroaches feeding on the carcass of some kind of fallen beast as they follow the path of the crystal shard – eventually reaching a large clearing in the forest, which contains an impressive ziggurat, which the crystal compass leads directly into.

They work as a team to dislodge a rusted iron portcullis which leads into the ziggurat and then enter through a passageway into an area littered with hundreds of human bones, which spring to life and attack the group as they traverse the room.

With some effort, the party manages to fight off the skeletons which had attacked them
and current stand poised to continue their journey further into the ziggurat.

The party rests and those present awake feeling stronger.

Astrid, Griffund, Grugor, Len and Wulfgang reach Level 2.



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