Armour of the Gods

Session 5

Assault on the Chamber

Cast: Friedrich, Griffund, Grugor.

The party descends the stairs with their newly-found glass rod and insert it into the obelisk, which deactivates the electrical fields and allows them to pass through to the chamber beyond.

After solving a pair of riddles written on the walls of the corridor, they uncover more items of value, including a pair of Javelins which crackle with electricity, before venturing into the far chamber, which contains a granite altar, similar to the one upstairs and a magnificent, heavy, black belt which sits atop the alter.

However, before claiming their prize, the party are forced to defeat the tomb guardian – a large suit of phantom armour. The battle which ensues is nearly leathal,; almost claiming multiple party members. Though, with Grugor’s use of the newly acquired ‘Javelin of Lightning’ and some effective teamwork, they are able to overcome the guardian and claim the belt.

Once done, they summon their patron and provide her with the belt. She appears very pleased with their find and rewards them with a heavy bag of platinum before sending them on their next assignment.

The party then step through a portal and are teleported to a location far in the cold mountains of the North.

Friedrich attains Level 3.



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