Armour of the Gods

Session 4

The Temple of the Rats

Cast: Friedrich, Griffund, Grugor, Zorbel.

Upon rising from their rest, the party investigates the remainder of the main floor of the ziggurat and find a large 70’ long, 30’ wide ceremonial chamber is through a heavy stone door. The floor and roof are worked stone with 2x columns on either side to support the 20’ high roof. 10x long black tapestries line the walls on either side – each of them with a crimson border and a symbol of a crimson claw in the centre (Malar). At the far end of the chamber is a stone dais, raised by two stone steps. In the centre is an altar which has a similar black and crimson cloth draped over.

In doing so, they interrupt some kind of Ratfolk ceremony and are forced to battle against the Ratfolk priest and his followers. Griffund is almost cut in half when he tumbles through the enemy fighters and attempts to sneak attack the priest, but the party manages to hold it together and emerge victorious.

Once they have vanquished their enemy, they search the chamber and find a black granite sarcophagus, which has a false bottom containing a 5’ long glass rod, which is shaped like an ornate table leg with a smooth surface and capped with polished steel.

They then search the adjoining rooms and set of numerous traps, before uncovering two secret doors which reveal a number of valuable items including:

  1. A leather artisan’s roll containing 6x Manticore spike darts.
  2. 4x bolts etched with spider web patterns and have sticky, bulbous head.
  3. Silver, gems.
  4. Vials of stink ink, dust burst bullets.
  5. Wooden shelves .containing dozens of leather-bound tomes, parchments, scrolls etc, on subjects of local history, geography, nobility etc.
  6. Magic scrolls.

Grugor and Griffund attain Level 3.



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