Armour of the Gods

Session 6

Snow & Ice

Cast: Astrid, Friedrich, Grugor, Sarge, Throm, Zorbel.

Traveling along the road east for a few days, Friedrich and Grugor arrive at an isolated settlement called ’Winter’s Rest’, which is a small, fortified collection of buildings astride the main road along the base of the mountains. Friedrich and Grugor stop here for the night and are reunited with Astrid and Zorbel, along with two new arrivals in Sarge (Cleric of Helm) and Throm (Tower Shield Specialist).

Whilst in the tavern, some of the group engage in a game of ‘Knockdown’ with a trio of Dwarven merchants, where they each fill a glass with ale and a dose of Blue Whinnis, count to three and yell “Knockdown!” and try to remain standing. The one who recovers quickest is declared the winner. The slowest loses and is obliged to buy the next round. Grugor wins 25gp from the game, though others lose some coin in the process.

Some of the group trade with an Elf named Finasaer, who supplies them with goods from the general store, though the party does not have any real interaction with any of the other patrons in the tavern.

Upon leaving the following morning, the party doubles back on themselves in an attempt to throw any followers off their scene, then heads east through the forest thorough the day.

Before making camp, Grugor locates a small band of goblins and goblin dogs in a camp of their own and the party takes the opportunity to ambush these while they have the upper hand. They quickly dispatch the goblinoids and make their camp in a what appears to be the abandoned lair of some kind of mammal, which provides them with partial shelter from the elements.

Zorbel attains Level 2.

The party then continue through the forest and encounter a band of drunken humans torturing a moss troll, which they have shackled to a tree. They put the troll out of its misery and continue east, although Astrid accompanies the humans back to Winter’s Rest.

Astrid attains Level 3.

The rest of the party then find a ruined wooden building next to a river and investigate. Throm is ambushed by a Owlbear which has made its lair in the building and, in the ensuing conflict, the party is forced to kill the owlbear to stop its attacks. They subsequently skin the creature and take some meat for the trail.

The party then overcomes a fast-flowing river next to the building by pulling themselves through the icy water with their ropes and dry out next to a campfire before continuing east. They create shelters and rest in the woods.

The following day, the party continues their travel until near dusk, when they find a small hut in the forest. Taking advantage, they use this as a resting place, but are rudely awakened when a rival party they saw earlier in ’Winter’s Rest’ set the roof of the hut on fire and attempt to ambush the party.

Fortunately, Grugor is alert during his watch and he rouses his comrades to prepare for a fight. In the ensuing skirmish, the party is fired upon from the edge of the forest and retaliates by casting obscuring mist and firing arrows back.

Zorbel and Grugor are struck by magic missiles from the enemy mage and Zorbel returns fire. Similarly, Sarge is rendered unconscious in the ensuing conflict, though the party is able to successfully fend off the enemy and put them to the sword without any losses. They pilfer the enemy’s goods and consider their options.



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